About AAA Pest Control Ltd

AAA Pest Control Ltd is a family run business. All technicians hold approved handler certificates and are owner operators with many years of experience in pest control who take a genuine pride in the work they do.

Over the last few years there have been many improvements to the chemicals available with a move away from solvent based chemicals to water based chemicals. Years ago only solvent based chemicals were strong enough to effectively control pests, but now water based chemicals have been improved to the point that they are now just as effective as solvent based chemicals if not more so, without the smell or staining potential and more importantly no risk of a carcenogen as there was with some of the solvents.

AAA Pest Control Ltd makes every effort to keep up to date with the latest developments in pest control and uses only chemicals which have been proved to be safe in the home especially around young children.


AAA Pest Control Ltd has many years experience in treating commercial properties such as Bakeries, Takeaways, Dairys, Restaurants, etc.

We can quickly treat a property for cockroaches, rats and mice, flies, fleas and moths.

AAA Pest Control Ltd can issue a certificate for the council certifying that appropriate work has been carried out and detailing the chemicals used.



Children are especially vulnerable to flea & white tail spider bites. 

Spiders can inject neurotoxic venom via their bite.

Pain and swelling at the site are usually the principal outcome for a spider bite in New Zealand but it can also lead to intense abdominal, back or chest pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches and hypertension.

In the event of a bite, try to stay still, place a cold pack on the bite to relieve pain but do not apply pressure. Seek medical assistance - head to hospital.


Wasp Warning!

Wasps are becoming an increasing problem in Auckland each year with larger and larger nests being discovered.

They can be divided into two groups. The german wasp and the paper wasp.
The german wasp builds its nest inside cavities.

If threatened they tend to swarm and attack. They instinctively aim for your eyes making it difficult to see where you are running to get away. It is not uncommon for people to die from toxic reaction to the venom from multiple stings.